Monday, 7 November 2011

working on problem statement

Problem Statement

Car is an important thing in our life because we need a transport to move to another place. Occasionally, purchasing a car is a big-ticket item to be purchased. Nowadays, according to Habibah bt. Abd Rahman (sales advisor  for PROTON  ) at Quantum Plus Sdn.Bhd in Seksyen 13,Shah Alam said that many customers experience anxiety when deciding on and purchasing a car. .This statement also supported by Kahneman et al., (1986); Kalapurakal et al., (1991) in their journal said that when the customers need to purchase a car quickly and have no other options, they may feel more vulnerable due to the fear that the seller will take advantage of this opportunity to quote a higher price than in other situations   regardless whether the seller actually takes such an action. This situation situations do influence buyers’ price fairness perceptions, especially when buyers have no other alternatives. From the initial interview revealed that the car buyers indicated they felt some anxiety at the initial stages of the purchasing process. Normally, the customer perceives as having negotiating advantages such as better information involves negotiating with a dealer or salesperson in the purchasing process. This purchase made seriously as a commitment to years of future car payments, taxes, maintenance and operating costs. So, a lot of time need to spend in making decision the vehicle they wants to purchase. 

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