Saturday, 5 November 2011

4 november 2011

updated chapter 1 and submit chapter 2.

updated problem statement:

Problem Statement

Purchasing a car is a big-ticket item that is purchased only occasionally,many         consumers experience anxiety when deciding on and purchasing a car. Often, the purchasing process involves negotiating with a dealer or salesperson whom the             consumer perceives as having negotiating advantages (such as better information,             negotiation skills and leverage). It is a purchase made seriously as a commitment to years of future car payments, taxes, maintenance and operating costs. Most will also    spend a lot of time in the vehicle they purchase. Because of these high economic and, stress levels and social stakes can be high.

Car is an important thing in our life because we need a transport to move to another place. In our interviews consumers frequently talked about their need for the car such as whether they can wait or  they have a very short span of time to get the car. For           example, their previous car may have broken down or they had an accident and             needed to get a new car quickly. Consumers have some common knowledge that in a market economy prices are subject to variations in supply and demand. When demand        increases relative to supply, sellers have an opportunity to raise prices and increase          their profits. Therefore, when consumers need to purchase a car quickly and have few or no other options, they may feel more vulnerable due to the fear that the seller will          take advantage of this opportunity to quote a higher price than in other situations          regardless whether the seller actually takes such an action. The dual entitlement    principle implies that such situations do influence buyers’ price fairness perceptions,    especially when buyers have no other alternatives (Kahneman et al., 1986; Kalapurakal et al., 1991). These initial interviews also revealed that the car buyers indicated they felt some anxiety at the initial stages of the buying process.

Therefore,this research is conducted to help customer to have a valuable decision and        to satisfied them by the recommend system that will develop to suggest suitable car for them.

updated objectives:

Project Objectives
            This project is implemented in order to achieve several objectives.The objectives of
this project are as follows:
            1) To identify the specification of car  of a customer interest in the time the customer   
               wants to  purchase car  at PROTON and PERODUA showroom.            
2) To analyze the specification of car interested by the customers and match the  
    suitable car for them
3)To develop a recommend system that will suggest suitable car that meets the
   customer specifications of car using rule-based classification.
4) To verify  whether the suggested car  developed by the recommend system  is
    accepted by the customers or not.

But after I see Dr.Ariza, I have to correct back my problem statement .

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