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chapter 1

This chapter explains about the definition of the research which includes the research background,problem statement,aim,objective and significance of research. The research definition is elaborated because a definition shall give a brief description on the whole idea of the research.

1.1       Research Background
In terms of making decision to purchase a car,many aspects need to be considered. However,selecting a suitable car is often done in an unplanned manner.Making decision in purchasing a car is an important aspect since a lot of criteria needs to be taken into account. Currently, there are a lot of specification would be demanded by car buyers to purchase their  dream car. This sort of decision have a major impact in their life. Customers will satisfied if they purchase their car rightly that includes their  budget and they will feel frustrated and get a little stress if they purchase wrong car. Therefore, in order for them to make a  right decision there should be a suitable pattern that will help and guide them as a customers to purchase a car. The pattern also can acts as a guidelines for them and will recommend the ideal car that suit all the specification that customers prefer around their budget. This research  will demostrates the use of rule-based method to produce pattern that will recommend ideal car. Respondents involved in this study were the automobile companies for PROTON and PERODUA also the customers.
Data mining is  one of the best ways to extract meaningful trends and patterns from huge amounts of data. Data mining discovers within data warehouses information that queries and reports cannot effectively reveal. There are numerous definitions of what data mining is, ranging from the broadest definitions of any tool that enables users to access directly large amounts of data to more specific definitions such as tools and applications that perform statistical analysis on the data. In this chapter, we use more focused definition of data mining by Simoudis (1996).
Data mining involves the exploration and analysis of large databases to find patterns and valuable information that can aid in decision making.This research used the rule-based method to recommend ideal car to customers. In rule-based classification, group documents together, decide on categories, and formulate the rules that define those categories; these rules are actually query phrases. Then index the rules and use the MATCHES operator to classify documents. This research illustrates the use of data mining approach to build predictive pattern for predicting customer's intent of purchasing car.

1.2       Problem Statement
Decision for purchasing a car is a major factor that can affect our life. There are many factor can influence customers while they have made decision to purchase a car. Currently, every customer have their own specification and interest when looking something to buy for example buying a house, furniture, including a car. Car is an important thing in our life because we need a transport to move to another place. The problem that encounter during this research is when deciding to buy a car many customers experience anxiety because it is a big ticket item that is purchased only occasionally.  Often, the purchasing process involves negotiating with a salesperson or  dealer whom the customer perceives as having negotiating advantages (such as better information, leverage and negotiation skills).  It is a purchase made seriously as a commitment to years of future car payments, taxes, maintenance and operating costs.  Most will also spend a lot of time in the vehicle they buy.  Because of these high economic and social stakes, levels of stress can be high.
Besides that, the customers always ignore their specification when selecting a suitable car for them. After driving a car for a few years, they tend to feel like frustration with their car. This happens because of time consuming a car will affect the quality of car. So, there should be a right pattern in order to help the customers in making a right decision that can benefit them in future use.
Other that that is, there is a need to improve decision making among customers for purchasing car by implementing classification data mining techniques. Therefore, this research is conducted to predict about the pattern on decision making for purchasing car.

1.3       Project Aim
To produce rule-based method classification that able to describe pattern of car purchasing for customers that act as a guideline for them to buy the best car and make a valuable decision with respect to their capability (in terms of budgeting).

1.4       Project Objectives
            This project is implemented in order to achieve several objectives.The objectives of
this project are as follows:
            1) To identify patterns of purchasing car among customers at the automobile
               companies such as PROTON, and PERODUA.
2) To determine what is the highest specification among customers who wants to buy 
    a car.
            3) To make the best decision especially for the customers while they want to buy
               a car according to their interested specification (criteria) . 
            4) To recommend the ideal car of the customer pattern.

1.5       Project Scope
The scope of this research is focusing on the pattern of decision making in purchasing car based on the rule-based method that include in data mining.The scope of this research also involves the automobile companies such as PROTON, and PERODUA by using data gathering techniques through interview and also customers refer to car buyer through survey questions that I have constructed. The deliverables (software tool) of this project will be use by the customers to recommend what the ideal car they should buy according to their specification of car also the automobile companies who like to predict the number of car highly demanded by the customers to be manufactured. The pattern produce  will  recommend the ideal car of the customer interest.

1.6       Significance of research
            The significance of the research are:
A.    To student :
·         To gain and improve knowledge in data mining subject (ITS 665)
·         To discover pattern for purchasing car from data collection
·         To analyze customer specification to buy a car
·         To gather information using data gathering technique by conducting interview with the automobile companies (PROTON and PERODUA).
·         To increase the comprehensibility of the knowledge patterns

B.     To automobile company:
·         To increase company profit
·         To satisfy customer requirement (specification) of car
·         To reduce amount of company lost
·         To reduce customer complaints

C.     To customer:
·         To get preliminary perception (idea) about what kind of car suit to them
·         To make a right decision when purchasing car

1.7       Conclusion
This chapter give a brief description about the pattern of decision making in purchasing car that based on the data mining techniques that is the rule-based methods.It gives significance benefit especially to the automobile companies to manufacture highly demanded cars by the customers also the customers can make the valuable decision according to their interest criteria for purchasing car.The research background , problem statement, aim, objectives, scope and significance have been clearly defined. Hopefully,this project will give benefits for both automobile companies and customers.

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